Turn Your Old Textbooks Into Cash!

* College students, don’t let your used texts gather dust. They will never be worth more than they are today! E-mail your list to us.

* Private School Students & Parents,   we will purchase your used texts even if the school supplier has rejected your book for quality reasons. We are experts at refurbishing texts and turning them into cash.

* Schools, if you have class sets of used texts or review copies cluttering your classrooms and bookrooms, let us turn those into cash for your school.

* School Districts, if you have a new adoption in the works or recently completed, we’ll buy your old texts and the review copies of the series you didn’t select. Turn those books into cash while they still have value. We buy books that may need to be rebound.


Save Thousands of Dollars Buying Used Texts!!!

* Replacement Copies, if you need replacement copies for lost, stolen or damaged books in your current adoption, send us a list of your needs. If we don’t have the books in stock, we’ll find them for you. And, we may save you thousands of dollars in the process!!!

* Workbooks and paperbacks, we may be able to supply you with new or virtually new workbooks and paperbacks at prices far below the publisher’s list prices. Send us your list!

* New adoption? Instead of adopting a new series and settling for something you don’t particularly like, consider asking us to find an older series that you do like! We may be able to find pristine copies or refurbished books that will fill the bill for you, and save you thousands of dollars in the process!!!


* College and Private School Students, we suggest you shop Amazon.com or Half.com to find your best deal on new and used textbooks. However, if you see books under these listings, contact us directly and we’ll give you a better deal than what we’ve listed on Amazon.com. Multiple copy orders can save big money in discounts and shipping costs.

Our Amazon.com listing is “Timwatson6″.

Our Half.com listing is “Virginiatextbook”.


* Need to Rebind Your Texts? Let us know what you’d like to rebind and we can quote you prices

* Recycle Your Old Texts While we don’t recycle books directly, we often handle this for schools and school districts. We’ll haul all of your old books away and dispose of those that have no value. Generally these books will have their bindings removed and the text blocks will be recycled for the paper value. It’s an environmentally smart and green thing to do with your textbooks.   We want to keep all that paper fiber and ink out of our landfills!